CES hosted the delegation from the Czech Senate led by the Vice President of Czech Republic Senate Miluše Horská Տպել
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senateOn 18th of September, 2013 the director of the Centre for European Studies hosted the Delegation of the Committee on European Union Affairs of the Senate, led by the Vice President of Czech Republic Senate Miluše Horská. The meeting was organized by the Centre for European Studies. The delegation of the Czech Senate, the Ambassador of Czech Republic to Georgia Ivan Jestrab, Charge d’Affaires of Czech Republic to Armenia Petr Mikyska, the civil society representatives Stepan Grigoryan (head of Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation) and Boris Navasardyan ( head of Yerevan Press Club, National Facilitator of the EaP CSF National Platform of Armenia) were present at the meeting.


Welcoming the Czech Delegation the director of CES expressed its gratefulness and the importance of the visit by the Czech Delegation to the Centre. The activities of the CES were introduced to the Delegation by the expert of CES Hasmik Grigoryan. During the meeting the Armenian and Czech sides exchanged their opinions on current situation in Armenia, Armenian-Czech relations and the future possible cooperation. The Czech delegation noted that Czech Republic gives a big importance to Eastern Partnership. Poland and Sweden were initiators of the Programme and the basis were set by Czech Republic during the Czech presidency in European Council. The delegation also stressed that Armenia has passed 22 years of independence and has undertaken a lot of difficulties. And that it’s is well known that a lot has been done by Armenia in preparation of the Association Agreement. The recent statement of Armenia on joining the Customs Union was a great surprise for Czech Republic. However they expressed their readiness to support Armenia.

The Armenian side expressed its opinion on current situation: the circumstances and the consequences of the recent statement to join Customs Union, the lose of Armenia to become a legal state, about the difficulties and negative impacts of joining the Customs Union.

According to Mr. Ghazinyan Armenia will need to make changes in the Constitution of Armenia in order to become a member of Customs Union. It should also be noted that Armenia doesn’t have a common border with Customs Union. For Armenia’s development and establishment of rule of law the political, civil, academic representatives should cooperate with each other and make a common institution that will put forward and promote the need of Armenia in close cooperation with EU and this way make the Armenian Government to take into consideration the society's opinion. During the meeting several questions were discussed: the reason of Armenia’s declaration of September 3, the benefits of Russia from this step and what is needed to be done for the future. During the discussion the Armenian side stated that Armenia has its Constitution and according to it the citizens need to decide where to go through a referendum. It was also noted that Customs Union is a union that do not operate now. The Czech side noted that it is important that the step and choice should be done by Armenia itself.


The Vice President of Czech Republic Senate Miluše Horská thanked the Centre for giving the opportunity to meet with the academic and civil society background of Armenia, share the experience and points of view and get the wider vision of Armenian civil society.

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