The Global Campus of Human Rights annual international conference in Argentina PDF Տպել

6-7 April 2016 the Global Campus of Human Rights annual international conference took place at the International Centre for Political Studies of the University of San Martin (CIEP-UNSAM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The Conference on “Assessing Individual Freedoms and Collective Challenges in the XXI Century” was organized in the frames of the Global Campus to promote education and research on human rights and democracy worldwide.




The Conference gathered experts, researchers from the European Union, MERCOSUR, the United Nations, and civil society organizations from Latin America, as well as members of the diplomatic and human rights community in Argentina, representatives of all seven regional programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights.  The event provided opportunity to participants to address the challenges currently facing every region.


Dr Artur Ghazinyan, Project Director and Dr. Vladimir Martirosyan, academic coordinator and team leader  of the MA in Human Rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus attended the event.  April 7th Dr Artur Ghazinyan had a presentation during the session on regional challenges in the area of human rights and democratization, where he spoke about Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratization in the Caucasus region, current Human Rights Issues in the region, values of democracy, democratic systems, etc.