Jean Monnet DESCNet Start-up Network Meeting PDF Տպել

On December 7-8, 2015 took place start-up meeting of the Jean Monnet Network for Developing the European Studies in Caucasus which was hosted University of Tartu (project coordinator).

Network for Developing the European Studies in Caucasus (DESCNet) is designed to enhance the level of European Studies in the Caucasus. At its heart the goal is to create a scholarly association (“Association of European Studies for the Caucasus”, AESC). The rationale for the DESCNet stems from a very uneven level of European Studies in the countries’ HEIs, and a fragmented level of exchange and mobility among students, researchers and teachers in the Caucasus.

The Cosortium includes the following partners: University of Tartu(Estonia), University of Graz (Austria), North Caucasus Federal University (Russia), Yerevan State University (Armenia), Ilia State University (Georgia,Yeditepe University (Turkey), Khazar University (Azerbaijan), New vision University (Georgia), Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (Georgia)

Activities of the network are divided into three areas: teaching, research enhancement, and outreach. The main activities are following:

  • Organising the summer/winter schools that will consist of two components: 1) one component on legal and political aspects of European Integration and 2) one topical component in line with current challenges as expressed in the Eastern Partnership Review;
  • Organising two research colloquia aimed at PhD students (by Graz and Tartu) that aims to complement individual supervision and provide trainings in teaching methodology (in English) as well as project management and methodological skills;
  • Organizing the AESC Annual Conventions where young scholars will be challenged to present their preliminary findings at panel sessions;
  • Launching an English-language journal (WEJLP) as an international peer-reviewed journal affiliated with AESC which will be open for high-level publications. The journal presents the ultimate benchmark for the scholarly quality of products emanating from the Caucasus.