Hans Johan Schmidt visited Centre for European Studies PDF Տպել

photo_3The former Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany in Armenia Hans Johan Schmidt visited Centre for European studies. He gave a lecture to the students of EaP regional master's programme in human rights and democratization at Centre for European Studies. During the lecture he spoke about the Euro crisis and how EU is overcoming it and how EU must be structured in future. When EU was formed Great Britain was more interested in extending trade, the other European countries were interested in human rights and democratization, independent judiciary. One should take into account that EU is a soft power and questions take time. EU can't take decisions immediately like Russia or USA. EU is a unity of different countries and expresses the interests of all its member states. EU is one of the largest donors and EU invests a lot. 

EU is trying to foster intra trade relations and regional cooperation. It concluded the Partnership and cooperation agreement with the post soviet countries. Some years later, EU understood that it should take into consideration special interests of each country.  And now there is the Association Agreement.  One of the most important here is the trading part. Deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFTA) is a huge challenge for Armenia and all the EaP countries as it will lead to the necessity to adopt 70% of acquis communaitair ( which include intellectual property rights, break of monopolist structure and etc). Hans Johan Schmidt is in favor of competing structures.



Hans Johan Schmidt also spoke about EU's interest
 in Armenia. One of the good examples that EU is quite interested in Armenia is setting up EU advisory group in Armenia which gives advice to the government and parliament, to ombudsman. Armenia is quite succesful in negotiation process with EU especially around Association agreement and DCFTA. And he expressed his hope that Armenia will continue the successful negotiations.

He said that Unfortunately the biggest pipeline projects in the region are evading Armenia thought the best route could be through Nagorno Karabakh.  Europe is in favor of conflict management and conflict prevention. And he noted that the foreign officials should visit all the conflict sides including Stepanakert. 

He noted that Turkey wasn't willing to go ahead with protocols in the end. Armenia depends on one side on Russia and on the other side on Iran. But despite all sufferings Armenia and Turkey should try to overcome the difficulties.  When  Association Agreement is concluded it will be easier for Armenia to acces EU via Turkey.