On 1 June 2012the EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia, Ambassador Philippe Lefort visited the Center for European Studies of the Yerevan State University to meet with the teaching staff, experts and students of the Centre for European.  The welcome speech was made by Dr Artur Ghazinyan, Director of the Centre, who presented the guest and highlighted the importance of his activities in the light of geopolitical developments in the region and conflict resolution. 


The meeting was organized by the EU Delegation to Armenia and the Centre for European Studies.

During his lecture, Ambassador Lefort  briefly presented EU policies in the South Caucasus regions , existing challenges, as well as EU’s role in conflict resolution and possible developments. He specifically stressed the importance of reconciliation and reconstruction in the region (including Russia and Turkey), which would secure regional stability. Armenia is considered  important coorridor and communcation path for EU in terms of energy resouces, sisutainable development of the region, etc. Ambassador Lefort spoke about EU's policies' singling out the following objectives: peaceful access to the region, no war, power directed against hegemonic enterprise to avoid dominance and creat system with solidarity and, finally, EU as decision making body in the region. 

The presentation was followed by the questions from audience which touched issues on Nagorno Karabakh conflict,  Security and peace-building perspectives relating to the South Caucasus region, etc.