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Dear friend, in July 2006 when we founded this unique educational and research institution we had a vision of becoming a rock solid foundation for strengthening and deepening European values in the Armenian society. We believe in the vision of “Armenia in Europe” and we are certain the way to political, social and economic development should be paved with the embracing of European values. Hence knowledge-based society and research-based governance is the key to developing a welfare state.


To meet its goals, the Centre for European Studies has voluntarily taken the responsibility for enhancing the development of education society through graduate programmes and supporting the public sector with sound, data based and analytical researches. Hence, we welcome any initiative of innovation that is in tune with our vision.


We sincerely thank you for having visited our website and hope it will prove to be useful to your needs.



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Series of lectures by EU Advisory Group PDF Print
Thursday, 25 October 2012 14:06

From 24 October to 03 December 2012, the EU Advisory Group will deliver a series of lectures to students from the Yerevan State University and American University of Armenia. The lecture series was launched at the Center for European Studies of the Yerevan State University on 24 October 2012, ensued by the fact, that the Centre was the one and only research center in this field and it was quite symbolic that the beginning of the lectures started from the Centre.

The opening speech was delivered by Artur Ghazinyan, Director of the Centre for European Studies who sincerely thanked Mr. Jean-Christophe Gayrand, Head of Operations Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia and Mr. Willem van der Geest, Team Leader of the EU Advisory Group for providing students such considerable opportunity to participate in interactive discussions given by renowned international experts of the EU Advisory Group.

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“Armenia in Europe” pan-Armenian youth and student movement arranged a guest lecture with Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RA PDF Print
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 16:03

“Armenia in Europe” pan-Armenian youth and student movement arranged a guest lecture with Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RA. The lecture took place at the Centre for European Studies, YSU on 23rd of October.  Mr. Mnatsakanyan is the chief and main negotiator of Armenian and Europe relations, he is a diplomat who has profound and topic-related knowledge and he kindly expressed his alacrity in sharing it with students. During the lecture Mr. Mnatsakanyan noted many times that the relations of Armenia and EU were based on the system of universal values. He considers EU an important “friend” to implement necessary reforms in Armenia to become more democratic and this is the model and the system Armenia intends to be guided to. Moreover, diversity is not a hindrance for the Union, as it is apparently understood now. Mr. Deputy Minister also spoke about the path Armenia had passed since the first Partnership and Cooperation Agreement was signed in 1996, enforced in 1999. The Association Agreement is being negotiated and it implies the integration process on a higher and closer level, which in its turn requires the acquisition of European norms and standards to be introduced and implemented in the country.

Mr. Mnarsakanyan specifically underlined the aspects and core differences between Free Trade Area and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area and its importance for Armenia.

In conclusion he presented the updated status of the undertaken activities by bringing forward the recently signed agreement to ease visa requirements for Armenian citizens, which would bring Armenia and European nationals much closer to each other and would create a new level of mutual trust, opportunities and freedom. In Mr. Mnatsakanyan’s and the EU officials’ opinion, present visa facilitation agreement will pave the way for future visa-free agreement, which will favorably impact on the dynamics of the bilateral relations by making them more active, stronger and more fruitful.

A Guest lecrture by Niels Jorgen Thogersen at the Centre for European Studies PDF Print
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 15:24

On October 16, Niels Jorgen Thogersen, a prominent Danish EU specialist, visited the Centre for European Studies, YSU and delivered a guest lecture.

For many years he was the leader of the Danish Country to the European Community. Nowadays he is retired and organized a private company dealing with communication issues.

In his lecture Mr. Thogersen pointed out five the most important values for the European Union and they were as follows:

1. Peace. Since EU was created almost 60 years ago, the idea that united the states was the creation of the peace on the continent and avoidance of possible wars. The EU received Nobel Prize for Peace this year for that very reason. The creation of the EU completely changed the picture of the continent. EU changed the continent of war into the continent of peace. 

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A Guest Lecture at the Centre for European Studies PDF Print
Monday, 15 October 2012 13:19

Mr. Niels Jorgen Thogersen, a prominent EU specialist will deliver a guest lecture at Robert Shuman Hall at the Centre for European Studies, organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia. 

 The lecture will be held on October 16th at 11oclock. The topic is “European Values - What is really important to Europe.”


The students of MA programs on European Studies and Human Rights and Democratization will take part.


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