The Centre for European Studies of the Yerevan State University as Consortium Member of "Developing European Studies in the Caucasus" Jean Monnet Network, organised a  Summer School on "European Integration and Energy Security" (6 ECTS) on July 14-24, 2017. The School welcomed 15 participants from Abkhazia, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine  and USA for a 8-day extensive course on Energy policies their priorities and challenges fro countries in the region and beyond. 


The Summer School on European integration and energy security offered critical analysis of existing foreign and regional security policies by focusing on EU’s energy policies and problems of energy security in conflict-stricken regions.


20046824_653964534799588_3034311775779273914_nThe main aim of the school was to debate over energy security policies within the EU’s Foreign and Security policy framework and to examine existing challenges and alternatives in the Caucasus with ae view to existing conflicts, closed borders as well as issues of economic development. School participants examined inter-related processes of European integration and energy security in the South Caucasus, and analysed and discussed in specifics the roles of EU, Russia, Iran and Turkey concerning energy, existing gas corridors and projects in the region.

The Participants discussed abovementioned topic with professors from the University of Graz, University of Tartu, Yerevan State University, Ilia

State university, Shota Rustavlei Batumi State University. The YSU together with the University of Graz also organised Special Round Table Discussion on "The Current Auspicies of Europe - Neighbourhood policy of the EU" with  the Hon. Dr. Erhard Busek, Former Vice Chancellor of the Republic of Austria and currently Chairman of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe. 

The School offered participants an interdisciplinary approach to the study  of the problem. Theoretical lectures were intertwined with seminars, practical workshops and roundtable discussions to ensure a complex and interactive approach.



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