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Dear friend, in July 2006 when we founded this unique educational and research institution we had a vision of becoming a rock solid foundation for strengthening and deepening European values in the Armenian society. We believe in the vision of “Armenia in Europe” and we are certain the way to political, social and economic development should be paved with the embracing of European values. Hence knowledge-based society and research-based governance is the key to developing a welfare state.


To meet its goals, the Centre for European Studies has voluntarily taken the responsibility for enhancing the development of education society through graduate programmes and supporting the public sector with sound, data based and analytical researches. Hence, we welcome any initiative of innovation that is in tune with our vision.


We sincerely thank you for having visited our website and hope it will prove to be useful to your needs.



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Book Launch: “Political Stability of Newly Independent Countries under Conditions of Modernization (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Moldova)” PDF Print
Tuesday, 19 March 2019 10:31

IMG_2476On February 15, 2019, the Centre for European Studies organised the launch and presentation of its recent research which was implemented within the frames of the MA programme in Human rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus with support from European Commission and State .


The event was attended by experts, professors and researchers, as well as students and represeresntatives od diplomatic missions in Armenia.





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Round-table discussion on Labour Migration PDF Print
Wednesday, 22 May 2019 16:38


On 16 May, 2019  the Centre for European Studies hosted a roundtable discussion on Labour migration challenges in EU and Armenia. The Discussion was organised within the frames of the Jean monnet Module "Migration Policy challenges in


 the EU and the South Caucasus". Participants had chance to discuss current situation and challenges with teching staff of the Module - prof. Ashot Aleksanyan, Dr. Knarik Vardanyan and Head of Migration Service of the Republic of Armenia, Armen Ghazaryan, who is Centre alumni.

60523904_2697073953653524_5080650478115618816_oThe topic of the discusssion has been chosen bothe because it has been taught on Master's Programme level and also Armenia has many labo

ur migrants outside of the country.

Ms Kristine Gevorgyan first presented the aim of the discussion and informed participants about Jean Monnet activities undertaken by the Centre. She further spoke about the module which would finish in August 2019. Following the presentation Mr Ghazaryan and Prof Aleksanyan has short speeches  on current situation, legal framework, policies, which were followed by intensive Q&A session.

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Meeting with UNHCR External Relations Coordinator PDF Print
Tuesday, 26 February 2019 16:48


IMG_20180523_135136On May 23, the Centre for European Studies within the frames of Jean Monnet Module “Migration policy challenges in the EU and the South Caucasus” will host Ms Anahit Hayrapetyan, External Relations Coordinator, UNHCR, who deliver special lecture on "UNHCR awareness-raising on the occasion of World Refugee Day and #WithRefugees campaign".


During two hours students had chance to get acquainted with current actions of UNHCR Armenia in regards to supporting refugees in the country and were introduced #WithRefugees campaign.

The Seminar-presentation was organised by Dr Knarik Vardanyan, who is one of the lecturers of the JM Module and responsible for the part on Legal regulation of the migration processes and asylum issues in the EU and the RA.logosbeneficaireserasmusleft_withthesupport-01_0

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Centre for European Studies Announces Admission to its Master's Programme in European Studies PDF Print
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 17:19


If you want to get an MA degree in European Studies in 1,5 year with a chance to study one semester abroad then this is your chance. Apply NOW!!!

The Master's Programme in European Studies lasts for one and a half year (90 credits). It comprises of compulsory and elective courses divided into the following blocs:

  • Political Science
  • Law
  • Economy
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Sociology
  • Culture
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